The Heal is a spell that will be unlocked in Hog Mountain (Arena 10). As the name suggests, it heals friendly troops. It costs 3 Elixir to deploy.

Cost Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Dash Range Target Count Transport 3 1s Fast 1s Melee 4-6 tiles Ground x1 Ground Level Hitpoints Damage Dash Damage Damage per second 1 750 160 320 160 2 825 176 352 176 3 907 193 387 193 4 997 212 425 212 5 1,095 233 467 233

Executioner is unlocked from Arena 9 (Jungle Arena). Executioner is an Epic card, which costs 5 Elixir to deploy He is ranged troop, dealing area damage. He has high HP and moderate damage. He throws his axe and it will fly back in a straight line, dealing the damage twice. Cost Hit Speed Speed Deploy […]

The Dart Goblin is unlocked from Arena 9 (Jungle Arena). He is a ranged, single target troop with low HP but insane attack speed. Cost Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Count Transport Type Rarity 3 0.7 sec Very Fast (120) 1 sec 6.5 Air & Ground x1 Ground Troop Rare Level HP Damage […]

The Goblin Gang can be unlocked from Arena 8. The Goblin Gang is literally Goblins + Spear Goblins. When you deploys this card, 3 Goblins are always in the front and 3 Spear Goblins are always behind. This card costs 3 Elixir to deploy. Level Goblin Hitpoints Goblin Damage Goblin Damage per second Spear Goblin […]

The Night Witch will be unlocked from Frozen Peak (Arena 8). She is a single-target melee troop with moderate hitpoints and high damage. She summons 2 Bats every 5 seconds, similar to the rate at which a regular Witch summons Skeletons. A Night Witch card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.

“He chops trees by day and hunts The Log by night. His bottle of Rage spills everywhere when he dies.” Players can unlock the Lumberjack only from the Frozen Peak (Arena 8). He is a melee troop and single target. He has moderate HP and nice damage. It costs 4 Elixir to place him down. […]

This handsome guy is unlocked from Arena 8 (Frozen Peak). The Bowler deals splash damage. He has moderate HP and good damage. He can deal damage to all troops on a straight line as well as push them back (not all troops). Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Type Rarity 2.5 sec […]

The Clash Royale Clone Spell is unlockable from the Arena 8 (Frozen Peak). This spell clones troops, as stated by its name. Cloned units don’t have spawn time. They last forever but they have only 1 HP. You can cast the Clone Spell anywhere on the map. It doesn’t clone the enemy units. It doesn’t […]

Players will be able to unlock the Ice Golem from Frozen Peak (Arena 8). The Ice Golem targets building only. He is a melee troop. Based on his Elixir cost, he has great HP but small damage. He is an excellent mini-tank that deals a small splash damage upon death (which can’t even take out […]